Further down and on round the corners we enter the hamlet of SNITTERTON (The road is actually part of the boundary of the Peak National Park, the southern side being in the Park). In Snitterton is the beautiful old building of SNITTERTON HALL. There are various opinions as to who built the Hall, but the following account would seem the most likely.

The remains of a moat behind the Manor farm must mark the remains of the medieval residence - the old Manor House - of the Snittertons and their successors - the Sacheverells up to 1596. It was then sold to John Shore of Darley for 400, whose family sold to Thomas and Isaac Smith in 1627; they in turn sold it to John Milward. It is thought that he built the Hall as we see it today with extensions added through the years. St.Helen's Church at North Darley houses a monument to John Milward, his wife and their 11 children. The children who died in infancy are featured carrying skulls and those who lived to maturity carry posies. John was a colonel for the King in the Civil War.

After various owners it was purchased in 1908 by Colonel B.G.Davie who married the heiress of the Thornhills. In the 1920s the Bagshawes of Ford were tenants, later buying it and living there.


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